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Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in México City

Activities & News

Embassy Activities

MIDE “Finance is for all”

The Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE) located in the beautiful Historic Center of Mexico City, is entirely devoted to the economy and finance. Located in the old Convent of the Poor and Convalescent Hospital of Our Lady of Belen and San Francisco Javier, also known as Betlemitas Hospital, this museum will stay for 3 months in Mexico City then will move to different parts of the republic. The main objective of MIDE, born 4 years ago, is to ensure that visitors and users understand how the economy works through educational games, and that the life of each is linked to economic matters and that information helps tackle economic problems, personal or communal and sensitize all. "Finances are of all" is the title of this event. Children and adults, we use finance, in our daily lives, and make decisions upon, those are ancient practices from the days of barter. The idea of the museum is to make the general public understand the importance of these concepts to achieve development. In support of Mexican institutions and the objective of this museum, the Embassy of United Arab Emirates attended the event and congratulated Ms. Silvia Singer, founder of MIDE.

"Strengthen our Dialogue for Green Growth"

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates assisted to the dialogue between public-private sectors on climate change. Only efforts united could bring results in the struggle for Green Growth. Leading personalities of the Mexican government attended to a meeting called Strengthen Our Dialogue for Green Growth ", about 200 business leaders worldwide and international organizations, where they reiterated their concern and stressed the need for joint efforts between public-private sectors and the importance of reaching final agreements on the subject of climate change. From different nationalities, ethnicities and languages, also all thought differently in the matter, but the ultimate goal was common: Saving the Future of the Earth, and prepare the ground for the COP16 celebratedsoon in the city of Cancun Mexico. The Mexican Foreign Ministry, a great player on Climate Change, in its facilities, hosted this great event. The Minister of Foreign Affairs (SRE) in Mexico, Ambassador Patricia Espinosa, the President of the Business Coordinating Council CCE Mario Ruiz Sánchez, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC Chritiana Figueres, the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources SEMARNAT of Mexico Juan Rafael Elvira and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica Rene Castro and many other personalities were present at the event. Once the event was declared open, panels of discussions followed with leaders from all sectors both public and private.

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Press Releases

Calderon receives UAE minister

During the meeting at Los Pinos, the Mexican President and the Arab official spoke on the importance of alternative energy use in developing countries.

Mexico is part of the expansion of the United Arab Emirates

MEXICO CITY , August 02 .- With the aim of increasing trade relations, the United Arab Emirates opened so far this year six embassies. Mexico is one of these, where the Arab country's government does not rule out the possibility of entering the oil sector

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UAE News

News from Logo of The National, an independent English-only daily in Abu Dhabi

Special needs students graduate

Fifteen young people have completed a vocational programme through Emirates National Oil Company to prepare them for jobs.

UAE efforts on human trafficking "significant"

US State Department removes country from watch list.

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